TA Tech - Top 100 HR tech company to watch

Top 100 HR Tech Companies to Watch

“These emerging entrants into the HR Technology market have effectively disrupted the more established, entrenched players, resulting in profound changes for organizational leaders and talent practitioners alike.”

Talent Acquisition Technology

In a sea overflowing with new employee referral solutions, we are proud to have made the list of the Top 100 HR Tech Companies to watch in Q1 2017. HR and talent acquisition teams have suffered long enough and are finally getting the tech stack upgrades they’ve been begging for. Unfortunately for some, choosing the right employee referral program may be like drinking through a firehose.

Talent acquisition and recruitment has gone through a transformation with the addition of social media and smartphones to the recruiting toolkit. Now, Lingo is giving them a way to tie it all together in a first of its kind approach to employee referral programs.

Employee Referral Programs

Most emerging options for employee referral technology come stuffed to the brim with integrations, automation, and predictably poor results. Because of the push for computer automation, many employee referral solutions have rolled out with algorithm based “intelligent matching”, which for most situations ends up looking like a standard set of matching keywords. The guiding force behind Lingo is the actual, organic, real life person-to-person referral.

Historically, employee referral programs have earned a bad reputation. Whether due to lack of diligence and transparency, or as a result of an under-supported program, Lingo aims to re-ignite the fire behind employee referral success.

Successful Employee Referrals

Lingo combines the best of a tech-savvy workforce with the needs of today’s talent acquisition teams to deliver a first of its kind employee referral mobile app. By skipping intelligent matching, and opting instead for real candidate endorsements from current employees, Lingo can help drive retention while reducing time to hire.

Features like our simple to use desktop dashboard and intuitive mobile app keep the referral process short and sweet. Employers and employees alike appreciate the referral bonus tracking and automated reminder emails. Lingo even offers ATS integration and automated invite and reminder emails to make the referral recruitment process as efficient and seamless as possible.

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