The Case for Mobile Employee Referrals

It’s 4:59 PM on Friday afternoon, and everyone is headed for the door. Time for shopping, relaxing, and spending time with loved ones.

Are you still thinking about your next hire?

For the next 48 hours, work is the last thing on anyone’s mind. Well, actually, maybe not. There’s a good chance that someone has a friend looking for a new job. The conversation usually starts with “I don’t like my manager” or “Gosh, I really want to do something different.” In an ideal scenario, the conversation ends with the employee creating an invitation to apply, “You should check out our website. We have some openings that you’d be a great fit for.” By now, the food and drinks have been served and the conversation moves onto weekend plans. If you are a recruiter or talent acquisition specialist, the ideal scenario may or may not happen. And because of the value of employee referrals, a hit or miss approach to ERP is quite costly in the form of lost opportunity.

Now, imagine if you were armed with a simple-to-use mobile app that allows your employees to instantly send that job opening along with a personal endorsement for the candidate. If you’re a recruiter, you now have a new referral candidate waiting for you in your inbox on Monday morning. If you are a current employee, you’re now several steps closer to working with your friends and cashing in on a referral bonus. If you’re the applicant, you’ve not only been recommended and sent straight to the hiring manager, you are 6X more likely to get hired! That’s what we call a Win-Win-Win, and it isn’t even Saturday yet.

Recruit employee referrals 24/7 with a mobile app

An app-based employee referral program turns your entire employee base into an army of recruiters. It reduces time to hire, helps to maintain a steady pipeline of high quality candidates, and increases employee morale. The biggest impact that can be made from an app-based employee referral program is the anytime, anywhere referral. When your entire organization is enabled with a simple, digital and always ready referral platform, you have switched on a 24/7 referral engine.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the digital craze, we must remind ourselves that driving employee referrals does not rely solely on cutting edge technology. Successful employee referral programs are comprised of several factors. In addition to avoiding common mistakes  it’s important to communicate and celebrate. Consider automated emails to keep employees in the know and actively involved in the recruitment process while recognizing top referrers with additional incentives or prizes. Some companies even have celebrations when someone is hired as a result of an employee referral. In other words, make it fun!