Employee Referral Forms & Templates

A quick Google search for employee referral forms or templates will bring up thousands up results promising to re-energize your employee referral program. Here’s the real news: If you’re still using a platform that relies on manual tracking and paper or pdf referral forms, you’re dramatically reducing the number and quality of referral candidates for open positions. Today’s generation has a hard time finding a pen, but can text you back in less than 60 seconds, and this is an advantage for everyone.

It isn’t about the form.

Believe it or not, many organizations still expect employees to fill out a paper form and either email it, or turn it in to someone. Not only is this counter-intuitive to creating a more productive workplace, many people these days just won’t take the time to do it. In a time where people carry powerful computers in their pockets and self-driving cars are a reality, asking someone to complete an employee referral form and email it back is just too old fashioned. Many hiring processes and applicant tracking systems have gotten much more digitally integrated in the last few years, but for some reason, most employee referral programs did not get the same technological upgrades. A great way to boost engagement in your employee referral program is to transition to a digitally integrated platform.

It’s about the right tools.

It is becoming more and more common for our everyday interactions to take place over a digital format. McDonald’s is experimenting with digital cashiers, drive-thru hosts, and menus. Amazon delivers groceries in two hours or less (in some markets) with just a few clicks. Doctors are even seeing patients via webcam. Digital platforms are quickly becoming not just an expectation, but the new norm. Thanks to smartphones and social media, we are more connected than we have ever been. By upgrading to a digital and mobile-friendly employee referral platform, employers and recruiters can more effectively tap into employee personal networks. An app-based solution would even allow your team to collect employee referrals anytime, anywhere.

Has your ERP gone digital?

Recruiters and talent acquisitions teams would find it much easier to leverage employee networks if they had the right tools. At Lingo, our goal is not just to help employees earn referral bonuses or to help great candidates find their dream job; it is also to provide a tool for HR and talent acquisitions specialists bring their employee referral process into the digital era. With the Lingo app, employees can share new job openings via text message or social media. From tracking referrals and incentives, to providing a digital and mobile-friendly channel for referral recruitment, Lingo is a best in class ERP that delivers results. To learn more, or request a demo, visit lingo.careers.