Employee Referral Program Analysis Series

Employee Referral Program Analysis:
Baptist Memorial Health Care 

In the ERP Analysis series, we will look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of current employee referral programs across industries and markets.


ERP Platform & Accessibility Review

To kick off the ERP analysis series, we will evaluate the employee referral process for the Baptist Memorial Health Care network. The Baptist ERP comes out of the gate strong and transparent.

With clear direction on the careers home page, finding the rules, restrictions, and processes for referring excellent candidates is straightforward which makes it more likely that employees will engage with the program. Without transparency and clear, defining instructions, ERPs can fail due to lack of support and engagement.

While having program information readily available is much better than it being hidden in an employee manual, this particular program still places great demand on the referring employee. For an employee to refer a qualified candidate, the employee must:

  1. Find the job,
  2. Check that it is eligible,
  3. Send the friend a link to the online job application (hosted in a major ATS), and
  4. Remind their friend to put the referring employee’s name on the last page of the employment application.

Complicating the employee referral process for Baptist is the fact that open positions, referral instructions, and the actual application are all on separate web pages. The chances of an employee spending this much time to refer a friend are pretty slim and it certainly won’t increase engagement.

Prioritizing Employee Referrals

Employee Referral ProceduresOne key opportunity for this employee referral program is to move the referral process to the front of the talent acquisition process. As it currently stands, it seems almost like an afterthought. Referred employees do not seem to be given any preferential treatment, when they really should be a top priority right behind internal candidates. To be as effective as possible, the employee referral program should be stand alone, and given the high value of employee referrals, this sourcing strategy deserves its own process and platform.

Special Incentives & Promotionsrecruitment bonus - baptist hospital

It isn’t directly related to referrals, Baptist does promote special opportunities, openings & bonuses directly on the careers portal; this is an excellent way to get and keep employees motivated. This would be a great place to keep employees informed of high priority job openings, employee referral leaders, and more. A more advanced ERP might even post a list of employees who have earned rewards for recruiting the most employee referrals.

Use of Talent Acquisition Technology

baptist employee referral program on mobileThe website is built to shrink according to your screen-size, but unfortunately this delivers an experience way too small to read on mobile. This practically eliminates the possibility of mobile employee referrals. If opting for a mobile app for employee referrals is not an option, it would be a wise strategy to redesign the careers portal with a “mobile first” mentality. That is to say, it’s time to consider mobile job searchers and create a more smartphone friendly recruiting platform.

Social Media Integration

There are Facebook and Twitter accounts specifically for Baptist Careers, which is a great step in the right direction and even an advanced strategy, if implemented Social Media & Employee Referralscorrectly. This being said, Baptist may be hurting their own efforts by displaying links to the primary social media profiles on the same page as links to the Baptist Careers social media profiles. Job seekers and current employees alike might be getting confused by the competing profiles that would appear to be leading to the same places.

One question I would ask is whether or not employees will follow the recruiting pages in addition to the standard profiles, if they even follow their employer on social media in the first place. Seeing as the Baptist Careers twitter profile has not been active since May 2012, it would be a good idea to re-invigorate the Twitter campaign or remove the platform from the list of available channels. Keeping a social profile alive but inactive sends a strong negative impression to the talent researching job opportunities. The Facebook page is active on a more regular basis but has less than 1,500 followers compared to over 21,000 for the primary Baptist Memorial Facebook page. Digging deep into the desktop version of the Facebook page, it is possible to share jobs across social platforms, however this feature is not available on mobile and most employees won’t spend the 10 minutes it takes to even find this feature.

Perhaps the talent acquisition and marketing teams should work together on a recruitment marketing strategy to extend the reach of talent acquisition on social media.

Disclosure: Lingo Careers has no affiliation with the organizations and employee referral programs evaluated in this series.